Where do you stand with God?

Thanks for taking the time to watch this…I told God from day one I would share His story any time I could. This was shown in September at Liberty University’s spiritual emphasis week prior to Clayton King speaking.  You can watch the full sermon by clicking the hyperlink…when you get to the Liberty page, click the Convocation tab and go to the video September 7, How do you believe in God


Attrition in Your Organization?


A life filled with selfishness, pride and fruitless ambition


As we approach the Christmas season, one of the famous movies on television is “A Christmas Carol”, which features Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas past, present and future.  Let me attempt to add a real-life spin and principle to the historical movie idea and talk about what God is showing me.  Where would you categorize your thoughts on a daily basis, PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE?  I will quickly touch on the past, but would like to spend a majority of the posting on the present/future.  Let me also say, that just as Scrooge had an opportunity to redeem himself, at the end of the movie, with a new found Christmas spirit, it is not to late for you or I to redeem ourselves through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

PAST: We have all heard or maybe even know someone who continues to live in the past.  I believe we all have times in our lives which continue to affect the way we think, our view of our self-worth and the way we interact with others around us because of our past.  obedient-to-god.jpgHowever, some people seem to have a problem moving on because of past hurts, failures or experiences.  I am convinced that Satan uses the past of individuals to keep them from growing, thriving or even experiencing God.  There is no doubt that the Evil One, will use whatever tools necessary to convince people that they are failures, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not athletic enough, just not good enough, or a second class citizens because of a broken past or poor choices.  What a lie!  For those who have a personal relationship with Jesus, the bible says in 2 Corinthians 5: 17-18…

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Are You A 9-1-1 Leader Or A Manager?


9-1-1 Leadership.  How do you know if you are a leader or a manager?  Certainly if you Google this topic you will get a laundry list of different articles or answers.  There are many well known spiritual leaders who have written numerous books on leadership; my favorite being Bill Hybels.  I would like to take an approach that comes from personal work experience as well as a biblical example.  I have never heard it explained the way I will attempt to in this blog.  I like to call this the 9-1-1 approach to leadership.  The “9” stands for the 90% that is working correctly in your organization day in and day out.  Let’s face it, not everything is broken on a daily basis.  If you are a positive person it is easy for you to identify the areas that are hitting on all cylinders.  The first “1” stands for the 10% that is not going well and is causing you headaches.  Some organizations recognize the 10%, while others do not even know the 10% exist.  And the last “1” stand for the up to 10 times longer it will take to identify, fix and change the behavior behind the 10% not going well.

     So back to the initial question, how do you know if you are a leader or a manager?  In my opinion, if you focus and spend a majority of your time on the 90% that is going well…then I would call you a manager.  However, if you spend most of your time and energy in the 10% area that is not going well…I would call you a leader.  Managers keep the organization rolling and steering the ship on a day to day basis.  They are there to “manage” what processes/policies already exist within the organization.  They quickly identify situations that start to slip or get out of whack with what is the norm.  Managers have typically been handed a proven solution and told to carry on the way it was designed.

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