How Does God View His Children?

I have the privilege of bring my four year old daughter to work with me every Tuesday and Thursday before I drop her off at her pre-school early learning program.  The early learning program is in the same building I work in.  She is the second of four children and the first girl of the bunch.  On these mornings it is just her and I and we get some one on one time that I just love to have with her.  We have a routine where I get her up and I fix her hair (not very good I might add), get her dresses and then pack her lunch, usually peanut butter and jelly and put it in her pink Barbie lunch box.  We stop at a local gas station and I get a coffee and she gets to pick out any donut she wants.  We arrive at my work office and she pulls a chair up next to me at my desk and she eats her donut while I answer a few emails.  The other day while this routine was happening, I sat back and just looked at her and thought…these are great times.  You see during these times my daughter is so sweet, loving, obeys and just a real joy to have around.  We tell each other we love each other and she hugs on me, she draws pictures on my whiteboard, drinks chocolate milk etc. Donuts and chocolate milk, I know what you are thinking, but this post is not about my parenting choices for breakfast food.  Anyway, hopefully I have painted a picture that this girl is an angel during these one on one morning’s we get to have and I just love it…would not trade them for anything.

Now, take that same angel and put her at home with her six year old brother and two year old sister, WOW what a difference sometimes. Watching this same precious angel interact with her siblings is something that can be, at times, totally in contrast to what I see on those early Tuesday and Thursday mornings. If you have children you probably know what I am talking about, the hitting each other, the tattle tailing, the arguing over who has more, or I was sitting there first…the list goes on and on.

I wonder, is this how God views me and you at times? When we are one on one with God are we like my daughter who is angelic as long as there are no other distractions or other human interaction? Do we appear in a different light to Him when we get arguing and nitpicking with our earthly counterparts? You see I still love my daughter no matter what setting she is in or how she is acting, so it is not a question does God still love us. It is more of a question on how God views us and what steps does He need to take to discipline us. On occasion, when my children are acting up with in those environments, I need to correct them. The same is true of God with us. When I get involved with my earthly counterparts, I tend to act just like my daughter. I fight with them, I argue, I scratch and claw to get ahead, I make sure I am getting the biggest piece of the pie, etc. I am convinced that God must view me the same way I view my own children. How disappointed and frustrated He must get with me when I act like my four year old daughter around her siblings. Just observing my daughter and having this visual that God must have of me, certainly makes me more conscience of my actions and interactions with others.


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